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Who’s driving your purpose God or man?

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When it comes to your purpose there are a lot of things you have to consider in placing God as the driving force behind your purpose. If God is not backing you in your purpose then I have to ask you Who's driving your purpose sis?

This week was really a trying week for me see I was chasing purpose while I was lacking in my prayer life, and in building my relationship with God. So this morning in prayer I had to give all that God gave me in purpose for his divine purpose for my life back to Him.

Have you ever got caught up in chasing purpose that you failed to pray as often as your heart desired? 

Sometimes life can get busy, and sometimes you can get to the point of being tired that you feel drained, and unmoved to pray, fast, and or worship. Well these are bad habits that will derail you from growing in your purpose to its highiest degree in God.

This is not the time to loose focus on where you are in God. Sis you have to feed your spirit in order to fuel the purpose that is released from God into your hands. This is not some walk in the park, but rather a long stretch of wing that is birthing in you from on High. God is not going to manifest your purpose until you are fully found at his feet with out wavering.

God loves his daughters to love on Him, and guess what he love to love on His daughters. There will be plenty of time to chase your purpose, but before you are ready to step into the full areina of your purpose your foundation in God has to be laid, and this journey is not going to be an easy cake walk you will have to put in the work spiritually in oder to break through into the longevity in running the ministry that God is birthing out of you.

Here are some key tips in order to stay foucued on your foundation in God. 

1. Choose on day out of the week, and make this your fasting day.

  • This will bring a sense of clarity between you, and your purpose.
  •  What fasting does is purge out all of the bad thngs that your flesh wants you to participate in. 
  • Fasting should become apart of your spiritual lifestyle 

2. Get use to sleepless night where your prayer life is concerned. 

  • When God nudges you a 3:15 A.M do not turn over, and complain that you are tired. there is a reason He wants you up. 
  • Do not take for granted that God is seeking you out for His purpose.
  • Be influential in your learning season by becoming a servant instead of seeking to be served. 

3. Do not live in comparison to others. 

  • Do not allow yourself to get distracted based on how God is moving in someone else's life; because you have no clue on what she suffered in order to reach where she is in God. 
  • Cheer for her, and as she grow be there for your sisters in Christ. 
  • Remember God is no respect of person. Your time in purpose will come, and you will flourish in your season, and seasons to come. 

I hope that this post has encouraged your heart, and that it will help you build a solid lasting foundation in God, and in your purpose that he's called you too.

XO, Jereè

Please view the video, and leave a comment below. 

I Pray This Post Blessed You.' Jereè - Founder of BMFMM

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